Membership Packages

Are you looking for an affordable, friendly golf club in Melbourne’s Bayside. Our flexible membership packages offer incredible value for, with every package offering 10% bonus when using their house accounts, full access/booking rights through the free Rossdale App, an account on MiScore and more.

Find a membership package below that is tailored to your lifestyle and budget.

7 Day Membership 

The 7 day membership provides members with full access to the course and its facilities 7 day a week, 364 days a year. This membership provides the whole Rossdale experience.

Current 7 day members enjoy indulging on a Saturday with a barista made coffee & freshly cooked egg and bacon muffin, first thing in the morning. The golfers are greeted by our local flora and fora as they begin their first 9 holes. When getting halfway around the course, they have our head chef prepare a steak sandwich, cooked to their liking and a cold beer from the bar. With a few extra beverages in their golf bag, they head out onto the course to complete their 18 holes. Afterwards, many members appreciate staying back at the club to hear the results of the day and enjoy members prices over the bar.

Joining Rossdale as a 7 day member does not only provide you with a full, value for money golfing experience, but also a family friendly venue that offers unbeatable services. You are able to book your golf through our free app, fall in love with our inspired halfway menu and receive firsthand knowledge and training from our onsite PGA professionals.


Full seven day playing privileges
Use of practice facilities everyday
Reciprocal privileges
Full voting rights

Category of MembershipAnnual SubscriptionHouse ChargeAnnual Cost
7 Day Full Member$2,910$100$3,010
7 Day 31 – 40 years of age$2,150$100$2,250
7 Day 21 – 30 years of age$1,630$100$1,730
7 Day 21 – 25 Student$800$100$900

6 Day Membership 

The 6 day membership is perfect for an avid golfer, with playing rights from Sunday to Friday every week of the year. We run many mixed competitions regularly, with this all inclusive membership, you will have no additional competition fees.

Our 6 day members enjoy playing on a Sunday morning and indulging in our BBQ lunch, cooked on the deck by our Head Chef. All of our membership offer more than just time on the golf course. This membership guarantees you access to the course 6 days a week, 10% off food and beverages, 7 day access to golf facilities and more.


Playing privileges everyday excluding Saturdays
Use of practice facilities everyday
Reciprocal privileges
Full voting rights

Category of MembershipAnnual SubscriptionHouse ChargeAnnual Cost
6 Day Full Member$2,350$100$2,450

6 Day Ladies Membership 

At Rossdale we are always welcoming new ladies into golf and even taking the time to conduct free clinics to teach them the basics of the game. That is why we believe Rossdale offers the best introduction to Ladies Golf Membership in Melbourne and the bayside area.

Our ladies enjoy the course on Monday mornings, indulging in a coffee and cake after their 18 holes. When they return on the Wednesday, they are involved in our weekly ladies’ competition, which sees between 50-80 women stay back to hear their results and have lunch. We offer the ladies an ever changing seasonal menu, at a discounted price, to enjoy every Wednesday while they socialise.

The newly renovated ladies locker room offer a safe space to leave your belonging while you enjoy the facilities. Our showers and vanities offer a range of pampering items for those who play a few holes before going into work.


Six day playing privileges excluding Saturday 
Use of Practice facilities everyday 
Free clinics for Beginners 

Category of MembershipAnnual SubscriptionHouse ChargeAnnual Cost
6 Day Full Member 1st Year$540$50$590

5 Day Membership 

The 5 day membership compliments the retired lifestyle as well as people who work weekends. It grants you access to our private course from Monday to Friday every week. With a range of male and female competitions running throughout the week, and our twilight competition every Thursday and Friday, you are sure to find something that caters to your golfing needs.

No competitions fees are required throughout the week, however, if you wished to play on a weekend, a green fee would be required.  Join our relaxed 5 day a week community.


Playing privileges on weekdays excluding Saturday and Sunday
Use of practice facilities everyday
Reciprocal privileges
Full voting rights

Category of MembershipAnnual SubscriptionHouse ChargeAnnual Cost
5 Day Full Member $2,080$100$2,180

Lifestyle Membership

The Lifestyle golf membership has been created for the golf lover with a busy schedule who is looking for a flexible membership. The Lifestyle membership allows you access to the course 7 days a week after 3pm and all day on Mondays. So if your commitments don’t allow to play unlimited golf, we have the next best thing for you with a price that you can’t go past. 


Course access all day Mondays and after 3pm every other day including weekends
Use of practice facilities everyday
No voting rights and not eligible to enter Board events

Category of MembershipAnnual SubscriptionHouse ChargeAnnual Cost
Lifestyle Membership$599$100 (Optional)$599
Lifestyle Membership Second Year$699$100 (Optional)$699

Country Membership

The country membership is a great option for people who reside 25 kilometres from the club for more than 9 months of the year. This allows you to play up to 12 rounds a year while you are enjoying the local area. If you often visit the bayside area to be with friends, family or work, and enjoy playing golf, this is the membership for you!

Category of MembershipAnnual SubscriptionHouse ChargeAnnual Cost
Country Membership$640$100(Optional)$640

Interstate/Overseas Membership

The interstate and overseas membership is for people living more than 100 kilometres from the club for more than 9 months of the year. With the ability to play up to 12 rounds a year, people who drive down for work or regularly visit family, often get the most use from this membership.

Category of MembershipAnnual SubscriptionHouse ChargeAnnual Cost
Interstate/Overseas Membership$660$100$660

Social Membership 

The social membership is ideal for people who are not just joining for golf. They join Rossdale for its vibrant community. This membership offers you free room hire for events, entry into the members lucky draw every Friday night and possibly the most loved is 10% off food and beverages.

Our socials are particularly involved in our large-scale events, such as our Live @ The Greens. This membership also offers 2 free rounds of golf a year to provide you with your golf fix! This membership provides a fantastic taste of everything Rossdale has to offer and often leads to family and friends enjoy everything that the club has to offer.

Category of MembershipAnnual SubscriptionHouse ChargeAnnual Cost
Social Membership$99$100 (Optional)$99

Juniors – Under 18’s and Under 12’s Membership

Are you looking to have your little one learn the ways to the golf course?

You have found the perfect place to start. Rossdale offers two members tiers for juniors. The under 18’s have full playing rights and can play without adult supervision. The under 12’s require a supervisor but can play any day of the week.

Our PGA professionals are there to help develop your children’s understanding of golf and with that, they run several clinics a week and during school holidays.

Category of MembershipAnnual SubscriptionHouse ChargeAnnual Cost
Full Junior Member – 18 years and under$250N/A$250
Full Junior Member – 12 years and under$60N/A$60

Group Membership Specials

Join as a group and save with Rossdale Golf clubs golf membership specials. All membership applications in groups of 3 or more will receive our unbeatable mates rates prices!

Now that is a great rate for our great mates!

There are different categories for our group memberships depending on your age; please see the table below for all our current charges. With no joining fee and no waiting list, we will even give you the ability to experience bayside’s friendliest golf course before you buy! Feel free to read more about all the perks of being a member of Rossdale Golf Club!