Live @ The Green

Rossdale Golf Club holds two outdoor family friendly music festivals every year, one in February and one in November. 

These festivals are a fantastic day for the whole family and include several food trucks, an outdoor bar, jumping castles and face painting for the kids and other great entertainment.  So buy your tickets now and come and enjoy listening to some live music outside on the grass and find out why everyone is talking about Rossdale.

Previous Live @ The Green – Brown Sugar and Lee Harding

Lee Harding never disappoints when walking through the Rossdale gates. Possibly our most members most favourite live act ever, he takes the stage with ease and reworks old and new songs to please all ages.

Brown sugar quickly followed with terrific covers that had the whole crowd singing.

We moved the food trucks and beverage stands right next to the stage and ordered extra kids entertainment to offer more than any other year. From jumping castles, to rock climbing walls, we had everything the kids needed, for no additional charge.

Although our Live @ The Greens often finish by 8:00, this event went well into the night with many people staying in the clubhouse to chat and laugh.

Previous Live @ The Green – Elton and Billy 

Elton and Billy covers took the stage on Sunday the 11th of November 2019 to more than 700 people. Piano man was always going to be the biggest song of the day with children sitting on their parents shoulders and everyone who has been seated in the crowd, standing and moving towards the stage.

It was one of the best sing along afternoons we have had. Children played on the castles and on the toy cars, while pizza, Indian and Thai trucks fed their parents.

Previous Live @ The Green – Gold Chisel

Golf Chisel was the golden key to bringing all our members and locals along to relive the classics. Encore after encore saw all ages dancing on the green in front of the gazebo. Children enjoyed the added soccer ring, that gave each child an inflatable ball that they ran around or could roll around in! 

Our eldest guests, turned 100 years old. She enjoyed the show very much and even made her way onto the stage for a Happy Birthday song from the band and audience.

Previous Live @ The Green – Queen Forever

Who doesn’t love QUEEN?! Our 1200 guests sure did! This time we didn’t just bring in a killer band, we also provide 4 food trucks that pumped out the best street food in Melbourne, the largest inflatable haunted house we could find, a complimentary face painter, a indoor and outdoor bar, outdoor cocktail bar and a more !

Matching a day like this with perfect weather meant the whole of the Bayside Area joined us at Rossdale from 3:00pm. This being our biggest Live @ The Green yet, made us make the music louder, pouring the drinks faster and the kids entertainment bigger !

There wasnt a person in Aspendale that didnt hear “We will rock you” on Sunday the 18th of February 2018

Previous Live @ The Green – Choir Boys

When the gates opened at 3pm on Sunday the 19th of November 2017 we welcomed approximately 1000 people to dance on the green with us. With a massive crowd comes a massive performance! Choirboys took the crowd on an incredible ride, giving all the adults a excellent reason to get up and boogie. 

The children were not left out with an ice cream truck joining us, kids having their face painted for free and the crowd favourite – TRANSFORMERS coming to entertain the kids and have a dance with the Choirboys.  

An adult bar tent was added and a cocktail tent to give the guests more variety. This was a massive hit with everyone staying within ear shot of the music and food! 

Previous Live @ The Green – INXSIVE

Although this day did not have the perfect weather we had hoped for we still have a dedicated 800 attendees that still had an amazing time. INXSIVE did not hold back with crowd surfing and dancing in the rain with all 800 guests. Everyone left this event with a massive smile on their face. 

The children were took pleasure in dancing on the green with ice creams and hot jam doughnuts were a massive hit on the day as they were made fresh in front of your eyes. Very much one of the most memorable live @ the greens we have had with an unbeatable atmosphere throughout the whole event. 

Previous Live @ The Green – Captain Spalding

Rossdale Golf Club launched their first Live @ The Green event on Sunday the 20th November 2016. This was a massive day for us with over 800 people attending from the local community and soon, the event was generating support from the whole Bayside Area, giving us the amazing ability to run TWO LIVE @ THE GREEN’S A YEAR !

Captain Spalding opened the day at the gazebo with perfect weather! When the sun was on the green so were the 800 guests, dancing and singing along. The kitchen was making buckets of hot chips, burgers, hot jam doughnuts and more while the bar was selling beer, wine and soft drink. It was an amazing event with kids face painters and more walking through the space and children playing on the green. 

This first ever Live @ The Green has become a highlight of the year for the whole Bayside area.